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WEATHER GUARD® Composite Bulkhead Accessory Panels (2-Pack) - white

WEATHER GUARD® Composite Bulkhead Accessory Panels (2-Pack) / 96905-3-01

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The Model 96905-3-01 is a van organization accessory panel designed to be used with the WEATHER GUARD CabMax Composite van bulkhead to allow for users to create customized organziation and van storage solutions. With a number of location options designed right into the CabMax cargo van bulkhead, the options are endless. With threaded inserts and compatibility with WEATHER GUARD Redzone accessories, the user has a variety of van storage options to use these accessory panels to create a functional and effective space.


  • Installs into WEATHER GUARD CabMax composite van bulkheads for full-size vans

  • Van bulkhead accessory designed to fit in multiple locations on the cab and cargo side to maximize organization and storage solution options

  • Contains four attachment points with 1/4-20 threaded inserts

  • Compatible with WEATHER GUARD RedZone van storage accessories