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Optimate 5 Start/Stop Battery Saving Charger

Optimate 5 Start/Stop Battery Saving Charger / TM-221

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  • OptiMate 5 Start/Stop, the perfect power charger & maintainer for your car, pick-up truck and your Vtwin motorcycle or 4 wheeler (ATV/ Side by Side) – 24-7 battery care for medium to large 12V batteries!
  • Charge, test and maintain your 12V AGM, GEL, EFB or STD starter or deep cycle battery – Battery performance guaranteed!
  • Power charge delivers 4A constant current – Charges faster, get that vehicle running sooner!
  • Ideal for ECO-friendly cars with start-stop technology – 100% safe for sensitive electronics.
  • OptiMate’s 24-7 smart maintenance guarantees more battery power, longer battery life!