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F5 Flashpaq for 2018-2020 Jeep® JL Wrangler® - 3876-JL
F5 Flashpaq for 2018-2020 Jeep® JL Wrangler® - 3876-JL
F5 Flashpaq for 2018-2020 Jeep® JL Wrangler® - 3876-JL
F5 Flashpaq for 2018-2020 Jeep® JL Wrangler® - 3876-JL
F5 Flashpaq for 2018-2020 Jeep® JL Wrangler® - 3876-JL

F5 Flashpaq for 2018-2020 Jeep® JL Wrangler® - 3876-JL

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The Flashpaq for 2018-2020 3.6 JL Wrangler is here and demand has been off the charts. Enjoy an extensive set of custom features accompanied with power gains of up to 29 HP & 37 lb-ft TQ. Superchips will continue to offer a best-in-class PCM swap process for the 2018-2020 JL Wrangler. Please review all product details and features below. It is important that you follow the important steps required to tune this exciting vehicle.

***This product requires a PCM swap in order to tune your Jeep***

PCM Swap Options:

Option 1: Cross-ship PCM swap (subject to availability of PCMs)

After you receive your 3876-JL Flashpaq be sure to follow the bypass module instructions included with your device. You must connect to your vehicle and follow the instructions prior to proceeding with the PCM swap., Upon confirming the first steps, take your VIN and your product and head to Once you proceed, you will need to set up a PCM shipment and the included pre-authorization to secure that shipment. This process is all online and very simple.

Option 2: Send in your factory PCM to be unlocked

This free service will be available to you anytime. Please contact technical support to begin. Once we receive your stock PCM, we will quickly unlock it and get it back to you so you can tune with your Flashpaq. Please note you will still need to install your bypass module and connect to your vehicle prior to swapping PCM.

** This product has not been tested or validated on right-hand drive Jeep applications or imported (non-American VIN based) Jeep applications. They are not supported by this product.




2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Flashpaq PN 3876-JL

Security Bypass Install & PCM Swap Process

Installing an Unlocked PCM

Steps 1 & 2 Reading the factory PCM

1.Install the provided Security Bypass Module. Follow instructions in manual

2.With Factory PCM still installed, connect Tuner to Vehicle.

a.Select Tune

b.Select Tune Vehicle

c.Screen will display:

i.Establishing Communications

ii.Gathering Data from Factory ECU. Please Wait

iii.Successfully Retrieved Data from Factory ECU! Proceed With Installing Unlocked ECU

*Please note, upon connecting your Flashpaq, you may be presented with an alternate screen that indicates the following:

F5 requires an Update.

*This is normal and pressing OK continue will allow the device to continue reading your stock file.

After completing steps 1 & 2, you will need to proceed to and update your device. Navigate to the update tab and then proceed to download Update Agent 1.0 software and connect your Flashpaq. Next, you will need to proceed to to submit your vehicle information and request and unlocked PCM. These steps below should be followed only after receiving your unlocked PCM from Superchips.

Steps 3 5: Installing Unlocked PCM and Installing a Tune with the Flashpaq

3.Turn Ignition Off. Disconnect Tuner. Disconnect Battery.

4.Remove Factory PCM (10mm) and Install Unlocked PCM. Connect Battery.

5.With Unlocked PCM installed, connect Tuner to Vehicle.*

a.Select Tune

b.Select Tune Vehicle

c.Screen will display:

i.Transferring Factory Data to Unlocked ECU. Please Wait

ii.Ignition Off Prompt Screen

iii.Waiting for Vehicle to Power Down. Please Wait

iv.Ignition On Prompt Screen** (Ignition ON = double tap on push start)

v.Establishing Communications

vi.Progress, % read complete, Reading File 1 of 2

6.Tuner will read PCM and continue tuning your vehicle. You will need to follow device screen prompts from this point forward.

*On first power up with an Unlocked PCM the cluster panel will illuminate the red security light and may warn about other module errors (Traction Control, ABS, etc.). This is expected and part of the process.

**At this point, the cluster panel should no longer have the red security light illuminated which signals that your JL has been programmed, and connected to, the Unlocked PCM.

**Before pressing OK on your F5, Start the Vehicle. Let the Vehicle Run for more than 3 seconds, and test throttle response. The vehicle shutting off after ~3 seconds, or having a dead pedal indicates that there was an issue reading stock data and/or writing stock data to Unlocked PCM. If throttle response is good and vehicle stays running, please continue by shutting off engine, returning ignition to ON, and pressing OK on F5.