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Covercraft Carhartt® Custom Cargo Area Liner

Covercraft Carhartt® Custom Cargo Area Liner / PCC6361-BN

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Carhartt Custom Cargo Area Liners by Covercraft are custom patterned to fit your exact cargo space and back of rear seats. Carhartt Cargo Area Liners are made with a heavy-duty Duck Weave fabric that is super tough and waterproof. A fold-out bumper flap is included for additional protection of the bumper area ideal for those heavy items you need to slide into the cargo space.
  • Classic Carhartt styling

  • Custom-fit to your exact vehicle

  • Heavy-duty Duck Weave fabric

  • Protects the cargo area and back of the rear seats

  • Machine washable

  • Includes a fold-out bumper cover flap for additional protection

  • Secures to seat backs at front with tie downs that connect to factory D-rings

  • Split seat-backs still operate (if equipped)

  • Available in Carhartt Brown or Gravel

5 Reasons why your SUV needs a Cargo Liner:

  1. Prevent stains from accidental spills, messy gear, or even pets

  2. Slide gear in and out of your SUV without tearing up the factory OEM carpets

  3. Much easier to wash a cargo liner than it is to scrub your carpets

  4. Carhartt Cargo Liners provide a bold rugged look vs. the boring factory look

  5. Protect the value of your vehicle for future trade-ins


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