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B&M SuperCooler 20,500 BTU Universal Cooler / 70266

B&M SuperCooler 20,500 BTU Universal Cooler / 70266

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B&M's all-aluminum SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Coolers are designed with stamped plates that are sandwiched together to create a very efficient oil cooling device. These coolers not only maximize cooling through more efficient heat dissipation, but they are also stronger to provide long-term, durable performance. B&M SuperCooler coolers will serve as protection against failure, whether you’re simply traveling to your next destination or racing to the finish line.

  • 20,500 BTU

  • 40 Rows

  • 11" x 8" x 1-1/2"

  • 1/2" NPT Inlet/Outlet

  • Black Finish

  • Includes Cooler Only