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Work Lights

Work lights are generally used to illuminate a work area, especially at night time. Some trucks are used for commercial or work purposes so adding a work light is important. Utility work light can help increase visibility so it will be easier for you to move around, see things in a dimly lit space and get the job done.

We have various Industrial or Utility work lights that you can choose from and one of our popular brands is Vision X Lighting. They have work lights like this high-performance Vision X Lighting Duralux 4 LED Industrial Work Light which is a commercial light with heavy-duty housing, endless optics, 100-watt halogen fixture, and 20-watt LED light.

Beacon Lights

Beacon lights are best known for drawing the attention of other drivers in the area. These beacon strobe lights come in various colors - amber, white, red among others - and size or form. Their colors send different messages so the choice usually depends on how the vehicle owner plans to use it. Our Vision X Lighting 5.25" Amber Utility LED Beacon Strobe Light is among our top beacon lights and we have a lot more you can choose from below. Give us a call if you need assistance.

Flood Lights and Spot Lights

Flood lights are lights that literally “flood” a broad area with light. They can give off light up to 120 degrees thus able to illuminate a wide area especially in low-light conditions or dim places. For truck owners, this can increase visibility and provide assistance when driving at night so they can easily see any roadblocks or obstacles ahead. Spot light, on the other hand, is opposite to that of the flood light. It can spread its beam to just around 45 degrees but then it is still helpful to drivers because it can illuminate the road at a longer distance.

Warning Lights

From the name itself, warning lights are used to emit a warning. We have several warning lights you can choose from. We have the foldable arrows warning lights like this Uni-Bond 45" Amber LED Warning Light Big Arrows and the warning light bar such as this Uni-Bond 16.5" LED Standard Warning Light Bar. Warning lights differ in led colors, lens colors, style, and even their flash patterns. Howden Co offers various flood lights, spot lights and warning lights you can choose from. Just check out our products below or contact us for more info.
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