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Window Visors

A window visor, also commonly known as a vent visor, rain guard, window deflector, or rain visor, as the name suggests, protects you and the truck’s interior from wet weather. They deflect the rain and snow away from the window’s opening. Adding this car accessory allows you to open your window when you want to breathe fresh air, even in gloomy weather. A visor will enable you to roll down your window a little bit so the air can circulate without getting you wet. Window visors also reduce the wind noise inside the car.

Window Louvers

On the other hand, Window Louvers are a pile of slats located on the rear and quarter rear side of the vehicle. They are installed to reduce glare, add style, and lessen the sunlight that comes into the car, keeping it cool. Vehicle owners are satisfied with the relief from the heat that window louvers provide without cutting too much visibility.
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