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Buying the perfect tires for your truck is without a doubt essential to its performance and for your safety. Tires are among the top 5 most crucial parts of a vehicle, and choosing the right size and type must be done with caution. Incorrect tire diameter can cause damage to the traction control, torque, and setting of your vehicle's tires. Moreover, the wrong tire size can significantly impact the reading of your speedometer, odometer, and gas mileage.

Aside from tire size, the tire code is something you need to be familiar with. It is usually found on your vehicle's sidewall, and the code mostly contains the tire type, width, wheel diameter, load index, and even speed rating.

Tire treads should also be checked, especially if you usually drive in snow or rain. Worn-off tire treads may cause your vehicle to slip and slide; thus, it's essential to take notice of your tire treads and have them checked periodically.

You also need to monitor the milestone of your tire. For example, every six months, rotate your tires' placement so they can last longer. Tire replacement is usually done every 5 or 6 years if you drive a lot, but it can be until ten years if you seldom drive your truck.

Here at Howden Co, we offer the best tire brands for your vehicle. You can choose the type and size of tires from the wide selection that GOODYEAR®, Nitto ®, and FUEL® offer.
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