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Seat Belts

A seat belt is one of the best purchases a driver can have to ensure safety on the road. Buckling up alone increases your chance of survival during a crash. Airbags are not enough to protect you. If you are buckled up correctly, it will help keep you safe and secure inside the car and reduces the risk of being completely ejected from the vehicle. Find the seat belts that give you the best fit here in Howden Co! We will guide you in choosing the seat belt that best suits you.

Seat Heaters

Be comfortable in your seat during cold winter days with our best-selling seat heaters! Cab heaters work well, but a car seat warmer is closer to your body and therefore gives a maximum effect. Sometimes, a seat warmer heats up faster than the rest of the car does. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while feeling comfortable with our seat heaters.

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