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Roll Bars

Roll bars and sports bars are originally designed to prevent your truck from crumpling inwards during an unfortunate rollover. These bars support the cab and the truck bed during off-roading. These days, they now serve as a mounting area for lights to help better visibility at night. Whether you need extra lights when off-roading or you want to give your truck a more fabulous vibe, these roll bars and sports bars best suit those upgrades.

Truck Box Caps

Bed rail caps serve as protection to your truck. These are installed in the bed caps and give off a rugged aesthetic look! When loading boxes, bikes, tools, or any other heavy cargo to your bed cap, it is likely for your truck to have dents or scratches. These bed rails will stop the damage before it hits the paint. Upgrade your vehicle with these easy-to-install and affordable truck accessories!

Bed Mats and Box Liners

These specially constructed bed mats and liners are for your truck bed's protection against scratches, dents, rust, and paint damage. It is easy to install and custom-fit for protecting and preserving your pickup truck beds. These bed mats and box liners are flexible, durable, and UV-resistant. It is easy on the knees, soft to touch, and protects the bed from any impact damage. A bed mat is useful for truck owners who carry limited equipment but want to keep them from sliding off the truck bed. It creates a skid-resistant surface for the cargo to stay in place. Howden Co offers the Bed Mats and Box Liners that these trusted companies manufacture: BedRug, BedTred, DeeZeeĀ®, Duraliner, Husky Liners, Northwest Rubber, and WeatherTech.

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