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Radar Detectors 

Wondering if you need a radar detector for your vehicle? Well, a radar detector is a useful electronic device for vehicle owners like you. This device can help you detect if a police in front or behind you is scanning your vehicle using a speed or radar gun. Once detected, you can immediately lessen your speed so you don’t get issued a traffic ticket. Among the best radar detectors we have are Cobra RAD 350 Laser Radar Detector and Escort Redline EX Laser Radar Detector. These two have impressive features like numeric signal strength meter, AUTOLEARN technology, GPS Intelligence, IV filtering and Auto sensitivity. Check out our list below for you will surely find the best radar detector you can add to your vehicle for a safer driving experience.

Car Remote Starters

Car remote starters are must-haves for vehicle owners who want to conveniently start and stop their engines. Howden Co offers world-leading and trusted brands of car remote starters like Astrostart, Autostart, and iDatastart. Purchase one among the several models of remote starters below and we’ll install it for you.

Car Alarms

Our vehicles are important to us and if we really love our car or truck, then we need to keep it secured to avoid theft. A lot of car alarms are being sold in the market and it can be confusing which car alarm to buy. Not only does a car alarm protect your unit but can also safely keep the valuables unintentionally left in your car. It’ll give you peace of mind especially if you park in an unfamiliar space. We at Howden Co offer only the best brands of car alarms. We have two-way alarm systems, one-way alarm systems, passive and active alarm systems. Just read the specifications and features of each alarm and pick the one you need.
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