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Power windows

Power windows, or sometimes referred to as electric windows, are what vehicle owners nowadays have installed to easily open or close their windows. These electric windows have switches so you don’t need to turn a crank handle when opening or closing your vehicle’s windows. You can just easily raise or lower them through a switch or button and operate all windows without needing to get out of the driver’s seat.

Door Locks

Door locks for your vehicles come in various sizes, types, and features. If you want to conveniently unlock your vehicle at a range, then choose a keyless door lock. These keyless door locks can also help secure your truck or car from theft. Consider getting the AutoLoc® 2 Door Remote Central Lock Kit with Remote Controls - its superior quality, ultra-compact design, and auto-lock features provide convenience and security for vehicle owners like you. AutoLoc® has plenty of truck door locks you can choose from.
Another brand to consider is Metra and among their awesome locks is the Metra 2 Door Power Door Locks With Harness. It has switches mounted in the front door and can operate all doors plus its interface comes with remote and alarm systems.

Power Inverters

Whether you need a basic power inverter to power your laptop or cell phone charger or a heavy-duty power inverter to power many electronic devices in your truck, there’s certainly one you can find here at Howden Co. Our Power Bright power inverters range from 200 watts to 6000 watts 12V DC to 110V AC. These power inverters possess various features depending on your needs. We even have the Power Bright CW150 150 Watt Ultra-Slim 12 Volt DC Power Inverter which you can get at a discounted price! Give us a call or just click Add to Cart the product you like.
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