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Hoods and Hood Scoops

Howden Co offers the leading brand of Hoods in the market! Check out the Ram Air Hoods by Fibertec Performance. Give your truck and your engine the value it deserves. Some hoods only improve your truck's exterior appearance but do not operate like how a functional hood should. It doesn't matter if your car is turbocharged or not. This functional ram air hood can extract the heat away from your engine, allow cool air to enter the intake, and improve your truck's performance!

Hood Bug Deflector

A hood bug deflector is designed to aerodynamically repel bugs, stones, and other small debris away from the car's hood and windshield. They help prevent dents and scratches. The Autoventshade carflector bug shields are made from durable AVS plastic and are UV and corrosion-resistant.

Hood Latches

Who doesn't love driving down the freeway, right? We all do. But we don't like it when our hoods start to float a little bit! Hood latches will secure the hood and keep it from floating up and down. These are easy-to-install, well-weighted, and are worth every penny! Howden Co has the finest hood accessories for your truck! Contact us for more information and assistance. You may also visit our physical store or call us through these numbers!
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