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Fender flares are truck accessories that are readily available to most SUVs and trucks on the market. Fender flares fit directly over your truck's wheel well and provide an extension of your vehicle. There are many benefits of fender flares, and this includes adding style to your car, hiding rust or body damage around the wheel wells, and replacing damaged fender flares. Fender flares prevent the wheels and tires from throwing rocks, sands, and other particles to your truck and everyone on the road. In Alberta, the law requires that a fender or a mudguard cover each tire's width. Some states may require a specific size for the fender flare, so be sure to contact your local DPS to inquire about the policies governing large tires whenever it applies to you. Contact us to find the best style that fits with your truck! Choose from Xtreme and Bushwacker--- the leading brands for Fender Flares!
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