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Door Sill Lights

If you are looking for add-ons to place in your vehicle whether to beautify it or make it more functional, then car door sill lights are worth adding,

Door sill lights can, without a doubt, give your vehicle a more stunning look when someone opens the door to get in. But aside from that, door sill lights are helpful in assisting passengers who are entering and exiting your truck or car. This is especially true for seniors and children since the lights they see below can guide them where to safely step when going in and out of your vehicle.

RECON™ which offers various lighting products have top quality door sill lights for different vehicle models. You can find at Howden Co car door sill lights for Ford F150 and even blue illuminated door sill for 1999-2016 Ford Super Duty. Have a look at our door sill lights below and see which one matches your ride.

Fender Lights

More and more vehicles nowadays are adding lights to their front or rear fenders. We call them fender lights and these lights are really eye-catching since they are placed near the wheels. Of course, they are purposely placed there for a more impressive look and for the vehicle to be more visible to other motorists.

Fender lights vary in color, style, and vehicle fitment. You need to choose fender lights that fit your vehicle. Some of the fender lights we have at Howden Co are RECON™ fender lights for 2010-2019 Dodge Ram which are clear lenses that come in a set of 4 and the RECON™ fender lights for Sierra and Silverado which has LED smoked lens w/ black trim.

Illuminated Emblems

Showing off our ride is pretty normal and yes, we love adding accessories to make our vehicles look fancier! Illuminated emblems are popular vehicle add-ons that can add more beauty to your beloved vehicle. These emblems normally show your vehicle’s brand or model and they come in different colors. Just like this RECON™ Illuminated Emblems Black Chrome for Ford F-250, most emblems are available in colors amber, white, red, and blue. Just choose below the one that suits your taste and vehicle model. Give us a call if you need assistance.

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