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Adding lights to trucks may seem costly or unnecessary to some vehicle owners. But well, if you want to increase visibility and protection when driving then better consider adding more lights to your truck. Lights worth considering are daytime running lights, driving lights, fog lights, and projector headlights.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights or DRLs are not purposely placed onto your truck to light up the road ahead since they are not too bright. These lights are intentionally added to increase visibility especially at night so other drivers can see you even on dim roads or places.

Driving Lights

Driving lights are opposite to those of DRLs since driving lights are wide, very bright, and can be glaring. These lights are turned on when you need to spot from afar if there are road hazards especially at night or when driving on dark roads.

Projector Headlights

Project headlights are lights that almost look the same as the reflector headlights. The projector headlights are brighter though compared to reflector headlights and the light is positioned downwards so it doesn’t affect the vision of other drivers they meet on the road.

Fog Lights  / Fog Bars

Fog lights are the lights that drivers use to increase visibility at a distance of less than 100m. Just don’t turn them on when not necessary because other drivers might get distracted which can eventually lead to a road accident. The lights mentioned above are all available here at Howden Co so go ahead and have a look at our superb products below.
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