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Cruise Controls

If you often drive your truck at a long distance, then a cruise control kit can be very useful to you. Having a cruise control system in place can help measure your engine load and vehicle speed to avoid unwanted changes in your vehicle’s speed. It can help prevent fuel wasting which usually happens when your truck’s speed fluctuates. Moreover, cruise control kits can provide comfort and reduce fatigue when you are traveling far. Among our best-selling brands is Rostra and getting a Rostra cruise control kit is definitely worth it.

Backup Cameras

Most vehicles today, especially trucks, have backup cameras. A wide variety of truck backup cameras are being sold in the market today and here at Howden we only have the best for you to choose from. We have different brands of high-quality cameras that can help you reverse your way easily from your driveway. Protection and convenience are a must when driving a truck in low light situations and limited parking space so better purchase one for your truck now.


Backup alarms or vehicle detection sensors are considered must-haves for vehicle owners. Get notified if there’s an object or person when you are parking your truck or moving in reverse. A sensor’s beep can reach up to as loud as 112 decibels. Whether you choose a plug-and-play CURT backup alarm or the 107dB Hamsar backup alarm, both brands are worth getting.
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