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Cab Spoilers

A cab spoiler is an aerodynamic device of the vehicle that reduces air drag. It spoils the effect of the air pressure on the vehicle's body. It disperses the air and reduces the amount of turbulence the vehicle creates as it moves. It's a vital truck accessory to maintain the stability of the car. You may use it aesthetically due to its style. Cab spoilers do not obstruct the third brake light of your vehicle.

Canopy racksĀ 

Canopy racks and roof racks are both the same items. They are attached to the roof of your truck using an installation kit. These racks make camping and off-roading much easier due to their capacity to store massive items like skis, kayaks, large containers, and luggage. Canopy and roof racks allow you to transport bulk items without sacrificing the automobile's interior space for the passengers.

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