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Bulbs/ Cab Lights

A well-lit truck makes a lot of difference to drivers, especially when driving at night? All vehicles normally have basic lights such as headlights, tail lights, fog lights, signal lights, and hazard lights. For big vehicles like trucks, adding more bulbs or cab lights is somehow essential. Why? It is because cab lights or sometimes referred to as clearance lights can help alert other drivers of your presence. Trucks are usually higher than other vehicles so cab or clearance lights can help the drivers drive more safely while giving a warning to other vehicles on the road. This can prevent a collision or vehicular accidents especially at night time or on dark roads.
There are wireless cab lights that are easy to install and are customizable. They vary in vehicle fitment, the number of bulbs and are available in different colors or color combinations such as red, white, amber and white, amber and red. RECON™ cab lights really look cool so it doesn’t just give you comfort while driving but these lights also give you a more stunning vehicle appearance.

Cargo Lights

Howden Co also offers a wide variety of cargo lights. These cargo lights are helpful in lighting up your cargo area especially when you got your bed covered with a tonneau cover. Cargo lights or otherwise known as truck bed cargo lights can be beneficial to truck owners who carry a lot of stuff at the truck bed.
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