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Going on a long trip and enjoying the outdoors make most of us want to bring our bikes for a more enjoyable experience. But then, bringing along a bike can take up ample space inside our vehicle, UNLESS you can carry the bike by placing it outside your car. Well, a bike rack is the best solution to this problem. Bike racks come in different sizes, styles, and unique features.

Make sure to choose a bike rack that can really secure your bike in place and protect your vehicle from scratch while on the move. The type of bike rack you must choose should also depend on your vehicle.

Among the most common types of bike racks are roof mount, hitch mount (like this CURT™ Tray-Style Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack), strap-on, and trunk-mount. Two of the leading manufacturers of bike racks are CURT™ and SportRack®. They offer bike racks that can hold up to two bikes or even four bikes such as this SportRack® Bike Rack. Please have a look at our list of bike racks and other accessories from these two brands.
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